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Recent Meeting: Photographic Composition: Rules of Photographic Images (by AG) You can download his presentation: (CLICK HERE)

Recent Meeting: DEC 20 6PM Island Oasis ECC1

Improving your photographic "eye" only comes from studying great images and by having your own images assessed by experienced photographers. Maybe you have an image that's got a technical fault that you don't how to correct, or maybe you have an image that's good but you want to find out how to make it great.

When you contribute to the club everyone benefits. Don't be shy!! This will be a friendly assessment.

Coffee/Tea and somethings...

Regards, The Group



Title: Learn to use your camera
Presenter: Abdulghafoor "AG" Abdulhaleem
Time: Monday 14 December, 18:00 - 19:30
Place: Clubroom at Island Oasis (ECC1) Building

The theme of this weeks meeting was basic controls of your camera. Abdulgafoor gave an overview presentation, and then we continued
with hands on with your own camera and a chance to ask help from more experienced photographers.

We discussed using those "other" settings on your camera like S, A, ISO , MANUAL etc.


We showed one of the many E-Books the Group has: You can find these by going to "How-to-use-Server" on the left menu here.

The .PDF of this presentation is (CLICK HERE)

The Photography Group held an Open House on Monday, November 29th at the Island Oasis (ECC1) Building.

The meeting featured a slide show of African animals and scenes from a recent trip to Kenya by Group members and their families. Elephants, Lions, Wildebeests, Flamingos and more; some photographed by youngsters. Click (HERE) to see the show!

Photo editing software, both free and commercial, was demonstrated. Details and contacts: email Photo@RedSeaPhoto.Info


- We now have a Photography Group Room in the Island Center (ECC1). We have most of our furniture and we hope to be able to spend our equipment budget Real Soon Now....

- We will have cameras and other equipment available, some that can be loaned to Group members,

- We will have a photo studio setup, computers for editing and graphic design, and a color printer


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